I'm Mark Sauer-Utley. I'm a software developer in NYC.

I spend most of my days building an OS for distributed work at I really like functional programming, static type systems, dogs, and cooking.

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Skills & Interests


  • typescript
  • elixir
  • gleam
  • ruby


  • phoenix
  • nest.js
  • ruby on rails
  • react
  • next.js
01.2022Almanac Slack Integration

Built a Slack application that allows users to take actions in the Almanac platform from slack notifications

03.2021Respondent Atlas Search

Integrated Atlas Search into the Respondent platform, allowing our admins to quickly search our collection of 1.2 million profiles based on 15 different matching criteria. Allows us to leverage the power of the Lucene engine without the hassle of managing an Elastic Search service.

01.2021Respondent Zoom Integration

Integrated the Zoom API into the Respondent platform, allowing research participants to schedule video calls with researchers without gaining access to their private meeting links. Launched with 0 bugs reported.

07.2020Taboola Client Properties UI

An in-browser IDE for updating, staging, and deploying code changes to publishers' websites. Saves ~350 hours/month for the Professional Services engineers by simplifying and automating our deployment processes. Built with React, Redux/Thunk, and CodeMirror for the front end. I also built a backend service with Express that is used to provide in-editor linting hints of CSS and JS. All services are deployed with Docker and Kubernetes.

02.2019Mantra Percussion

Website for the NYC-based percussion band Mantra Percussion. Built with Gatsby, Typescript and styled-components. Hosted on Netlify. WIP.