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Iā€™m Mark Sauer-Utley. I'm a full-stack developer from Brooklyn, NY, specializing in Javascript.

I spend most of my days building internal tools for my team at Taboola or custom UI's for major publisher websites in the US, like CNBC, ESPN, ABC News, USA Today, and AP News.

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Skills & Interests


  • typescript
  • javascript
  • css
  • html/xml
  • gatsby
  • next.js
  • react
  • styled-components
  • apollo client


  • express.js
  • elixir/phoenix
  • absinthe
  • apollo server
  • mongo db
  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • graphql
  • heroku
07.2020 Taboola Client Properties UI

An in-browser IDE for updating, staging, and deploying code changes to publishers' websites. Saves ~350 hours/month for the Professional Services engineers by simplifying and automating our deployment processes. Built with React, Redux/Thunk, and CodeMirror for the front end. I also built a backend service with Express that is used to provide in-editor linting hints of CSS and JS. All services are deployed with Docker and Kubernetes.

10.2019 Taboola Implementation Health Dashboard

An analytics tool for Taboola's Professional Services Department. The Implementation Health Dashboard allows the Professional Services Department to assess the amount of unused code that is being sent to our top publishers's websites. Built with Typescript, React, Next.js and deployed with Docker.

10.2019 PubCrawler

A data visualization tool for Taboola's Professional Services Department. PubCrawler allows employees to quickly gain insights into how our web crawler is ingesting content by pooling data from multiple databases and putting it into an easy-to-use interface. Built with React, Apollo Client, Apollo Server, GraphQL, and MySQL. Deployed with Docker.

03.2020 Dungeon Friend

Dungeons and Dragons character sheet manager. Built with React, Next.js, Redux/Thunk, Styled-Components, Express, and MongoDB. Use email and password TestAccount123! to access preview account.

02.2019 Mantra Percussion

Website for the NYC-based percussion band Mantra Percussion. Built with Gatsby and styled-components. Hosted on Heroku.

03.2019 Taboola React Native

An example application to show Taboola clients best practice integrations of the Taboola React Native node package. Built with React Native and styled-components.